Video: StoreMaps & Space Sequencing

Want to gain insights into every inch of your retail store? See how Emma and her team easily turn actionable date into real results.

Only StoreMaps & Space Sequencing will empower retail merchandisers to:

  • • Raise the bar on POG compliance by knowing what’s in your stores and where — eliminating the guesswork
  • • Easily edit and manipulate any space on your maps, from changing rooms to checkout counters, POP, fixtures and more
  • • Bring your data to life through custom heat mapping colorization technology
  • • Maximize inventory awareness by tracking non-merchandise assets, shrinkage, associates, shoppers and more
  • • Transform your entire store into actionable measurements, all backed by real-time data
  • • Gain visual validation of every space in your store
  • • Track current and historical project penetration visually

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