Ditch the spreadsheet!
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Ditch the spreadsheet!
Watch the Video
Ditch the spreadsheet!
Watch the Video
Ditch the spreadsheet!
Watch the Video

We've Reinvented the Merchandising Process

MerchLogix not only gets products on shelves faster, it also gets stores ready for customers faster. We're the only ones brave enough to take on both non-inventory infrastructures and products. For us, the more complex, the better. We're engineers; we enjoy a good challenge. There's a reason MerchLogix is the new standard: We've reinvented the merchandising process.

Labor Scheduling
Do you use third-party labor, store associates, or both? We can help you get them there on time.

Quality Control
From work-begins, to sign-offs, we help you measure, track, and verify that the job was done correctly every time.

Capacity Planning
Don’t waste time guessing which resources you’ll need and when. We can help you distribute the load, even when every merchant wants every category refreshed in the next 30 days.

Task Management
Whether you have 200 or 200,000 associates, we can ensure everybody has  something to do, every hour of every work day.

Budget Tracking
From allocations to line-item reconciliation, we can show you where your money goes and when.

Speed to Market
Got a process that works? We can help you replicate it, faster than you’ve ever seen before.

Supplier Fulfillment
Schedule pick-ups, drop-offs and enforce vendor compliance with one system.

Logistics Management
From parcel to truckload we can help you order, consolidate, ship, and track your fixtures, materials and signage.

Purchase Orders
Do you know who paid for that fixture? Do you know who approved that spend? We can help you bring discipline and accountability to your purchasing.

Heat Mapping
How do you know if your SKU is hot or not? Let us show you!

Design Markup
From conceptual drawings to as-builts, we’ll help manage your store change process.

Sequence and Survey
Need to survey the store? Our mobile apps make it quick, easy, and efficient.

More Money. Less Time.
Faster to Market
Reduction to Costs
Fewer Go-Backs
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Your Complex Processes, Simplified
Into One Intuitive Tool
Project View
When it comes to managing or overseeing projects and programs, nothing trumps your timelines. With at-a-glance lists of start/end dates, dependancies between tasks, and milestone forecasts, MerchLogix prioritizes the info you need to make smart business decisions, fast.
Project Central
Knowing who, what and when is critical to maintaining productivity. MerchLogix's powerful role-based screen enables project managers to pinpoint openings and overages with filtering by team, department, location and fiscal month/year, as well as status.
Field Team Dashboard
Empowering your team starts with accountability. With one-step "Easy Buttons" your crews can stay on top of everything from reporting issues to uploading photos, and approving environmental resets with digital signoffs. MerchLogix makes it simple to align your team in the office — and in the field — with our intuitive browser-based platform and mobile apps for Android and iOS. And, being off-site no longer means trying to remember every detail; your teams can work offline and upload info later.
StoreMaps allow you to quickly edit, annotate, and approve the latest version of your store map, providing visibility into your inventory (merchandise and fixtures) and even overlay data using heat map colorization for revenue, maintenance schedules, merchandising projects, or any store data you have to leverage.
Every Minute Counts So Count On MerchLogix Customer Support
Our platform is fully supported. And we mean it. Our award-winning customer service center solves any and every issue within 24 hours. Our team of dedicated, passionate experts and customer-first infrastructure means we can deliver the excellence that you deserve in less time than ever.
What MerchLogix Can Do For You
  • Monitor store openings and expansions, closings, and capital investments
  • Manage frequent in-store refreshes of signage and environments
  • Track a multitude of SKUs for major seasonal restocking
  • Improve vendor relationships with real-time visibility to third-party partners
See the Solution in Action
Watch these short demos and see how MerchLogix automatically puts the power of information right at your fingertips in a centralized, intuitive way. Try that with a spreadsheet!
Expect More from Merchandising Fulfillment

Chart and track the entire product life cycle, from product-line review through lift reporting


Ensure regulatory and corporate compliance, and reduce risk throughout your company


Coordinate and execute all planning, designing and budgeting with documentation


Get visual validation and approval by using production-facility design principles


Quickly resolve process flaws with enhanced data measurement and tracking


Build interdepartmental cooperation with two-way dialogue and documented correspondence

StoreMaps: Insight Into Every Inch of Your Store

Raise the bar on POG compliance by knowing what’s in your stores and where -- eliminating the guesswork.

Easily edit and manipulate any space on your maps, from changing rooms to checkout counters, POP, fixtures and more.

Bring your data to life through custom heat mapping colorization technology.

Maximize inventory awareness by tracking non-merchandise assets, shrinkage, associates, shoppers and more.

Transform your entire store into actionable measurements, all backed by real-time data.

Gain visual validation of every space in your store

Integrate with AutoCAD

Track current and historical project penetration visually

Watch the StoreMaps Video

Store Surveys Made Simple

Walk your store and gather key data with vendors or associates

Once captured, staying up to date becomes a quick and easy maintenance activity

Complete complex full-store surveys in less than a day, complete with SKU sequencing and planogram validation

Import your DXF files from AutoCAD and export them when updated

All data is automatically uploaded to the web application, in real time

It's Even Better In Action - See What MerchLogix Can Do For You.

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